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What Kids and Parents are Saying

I just wanted to let you know how much my son, Chris, enjoyed the camp. He learned a lot and had a great time. He was asking if he could start an investment account, so I think the lessons were well received.

P Reed Parent

I watched my sons really understand some major concepts. Not only did they ‘get it’, they began to relate it to their own lives and make some concrete plans and goals. They were stimulated, entertained and involved. They made friends and really got a tremendous amount out of the camp.

Tonia Parent

The most valuable thing I learned was that I can invest at any age.

Jennifer Student

I’d like to thank the teachers for making Money Camp really fun and I learned a lot!! Thanks!

Kimmy Student

The most valuable thing I learned was that I can start right now to make money.

Pamela Student

I loved this camp. You changed my life. Thank you!

Bo Student

This was a great program for both my boys, 7th and 10th grade. I am impressed at how well these concepts and ideas were acquired by my boys. Great job!

B Naoy Parent

Money Camp was a great experience! It taught me many valuable things and lessons that really will last a lifetime. It was cool and I had a lot of fun.

Sarah Student

The most valuable thing I learned at Money Camp is that becoming financially independent is your choice, not a dream.

Julie Student
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